How Stressed Are You?

Hey, Moms and Dads! Let’s do a quick check-up just to see where your stress level is at right now. We know you’re juggling a lot of responsibilities especially with the kids staying home all day, everyday. You might not even realize how stressed you are already, so it would be good to assess your stress level and find out what you can do to relax for a bit. This quiz will help you out!

How stressed are you?


Do you find yourself binging on “unhealthy food” lately?

How often do you find yourself having sweaty palms or sweating excessively even if you’re not exercising or doing physical activity?

How many hours of sleep have you been getting?

Do you find yourself feeling anxious as you wake up in the morning?

Do you find the time to exercise regularly?

In the past month, how often have you found yourself easily upset or irritated at an event or occurrence related to your kid/s?

How often do you feel fatigued?

Have you often been feeling nervous and worried about your kids?

How much does this statement apply to you?: "I think I’m not doing enough for my child(ren)."

Have you spent time for yourself this past month?

You’re doing great at managing stress while fulfilling your Mom and Dad duties at home! It’s good to give yourselves a break regularly, because parents need to recharge, too. Keep it up, Mom and Dad. We’re rooting for you!

You're doing a-okay but it also sounds like you’ve been getting tired from time to time. Remember to take a deep, calming breath whenever you start feeling worried or like things are about to spiral out of control. Drink a cup of your favorite coffee or tea, call a friend just to chat, or do a quick workout session at home. A bit of a break will give you energy to do your tasks again!

Time to slow down and step away from the workload for a bit. Your stress level is getting higher at the moment. Just focus on what’s essential for the day and don’t worry about tomorrow just yet. We’re here to tell you that you’re still doing a great job, Mom and Dad! You deserve a break, too.

Stress overload! Too much stress is bound to overwhelm you. We’ve got a solution: time to binge your favorite K-Drama this weekend! CLOY, The King, or Itaewon Class might be the dose of good vibes and kilig you need to feel better again. How about asking your spouse for a back massage, too? You can also schedule a fun, family bonding activity like a movie night. You have the right to sit back and relax!

Here’s What Happens To You When You’re Sleep Deprived

This morning, you woke up tired. You might have pulled an all-nighter to feed and nurse your little one, and in the next few hours, you’ll do it all over again. Then, add in the day job and the never-ending household chores to the equation.

Being tired and not getting ample sleep have become “normal” for motherhood. As soon as your baby is born, you bid goodbye to that straight eight-hours of sleep you have always gotten used to. You’re up and awake, but your senses and functions are down and collapsing. Well, this may be the reason why you unconsciously put your keys inside the refrigerator or walk into the kitchen and suddenly find yourself asking, “why am I here again?”. These instances may sound funny, and you may joke about it. But sleep deprivation can harm your whole being and induce consequences to your health. We hear you–being a mother is the reason why you are not getting enough sleep. However, do we merely stop there and accept that it’s the norm for a parent? Well, we believe that nothing is impossible! In this article, we will examine the signs and effects of sleep deprivation and share with you the tips you can do to get that rest you have always wanted!

Here's What Happens To You When You're Sleep Deprived

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Cassidy’s Hawaiian Shoot Brings Back the Bright and Fun Summer Days!

If you’re feeling a bit gloomy and sad indoors, Cassidy’s colorful and lively studio shoot with Sofie’s Studio Photography will surely brighten up your day! Her positive energy is contagious and her smile tells us that she’s having a ton of fun! She definitely nailed every outfit, don’t you think?

Baby and Breakfast Tip: Moms and dads, if you’re thinking of doing this theme for your little ones, make sure to bring the outdoors in by adding plants to your setup and prepare really colorful outfits to bring out the Hawaiian theme. It’s going to be so much fun!

Cassidy's Hawaiian Shoot Brings Back the Bright and Fun Summer Days!


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The Look



These Room Essentials From Coco Lala are Perfect for Newborns and Toddlers!

We have good news for you, moms and dads! We know that the options can seem overwhelming when you’re preparing your child’s nursery. Coco Lala has developed room essentials which are great space savers and can grow with your child!

For bedtime, their easy-to-wash baby nest sets and double braided nest sets come with an adjustable ribbon, so you can expand it as your child grows. You can also buy the crib bumpers separately if you already have a crib. 

For playtime, choose from any of the cute designs of their protective crawling playmats!

For bath time, try their best-selling foldable bath tubs, which are large, spacious, and can be used from newborn to toddler years.

Parents who have limited space will be happy to hear that all Coco Lala items can be easily folded, so storage won’t be a problem.

The Coco Lala founders carefully selected the products that helped them the most when their child was a newborn, until she was a toddler. “Coco Lala” was actually how their daughter used to pronounce “crocodile”! Since they started in October 2019, they’ve been getting positive feedback from fellow parents who have enjoyed their products.

Follow them on Instagram to see more of their products, or send them an email at