This Swimwear Collection for Kids Will Make Your Summer Trips Fuss-Free

Summer beach trips are all about making fun memories with the family. If a beach vacation is something new for your little ones, then they will surely welcome the experience with wide-eyed wonder! As you let them explore, you also want to make sure they’re dressed properly so they can play all-day long without any trouble and you won’t have to worry about whether or not they’re protected enough from the heat of the sun. The bean x Anina Rubio swimwear collection is intentionally made for that exact purpose.

To help you pack for your upcoming summer trips, bean collaborated with visual artist and environmental advocate Anina Rubio. This collaboration brings you a swimwear collection that’s interestingly named after Philippine beaches! Take a peek into the collection and what it offers right here. Keep on reading!

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6 Things Single Moms Want the World to Know

Mothers take on one of the most difficult jobs in the world every day. There’s no time in and out, no real breaks, and no compensation. Despite worries, fears, and concerns happening at once, they do things single-handedly for the sake of their children. This is twice the case for single mothers.

I’ve seen how single mothers in my circle deal with their family life, be it from personal encounters or social media posts. I only used to think about how difficult it must be for them, but I had no idea how difficult until I became a mother myself. I am not in their shoes for me to say I completely understand what they’re going through, but I don’t think I need to be before I can say I admire their strength and determination.

They usually don’t have the avenue to voice out, so we offered them this space to speak out, inspire, and empower many single mothers to stand up for themselves and for their children.

What do single moms really want to say to the world? Read on.

6 Things Single Moms Want the World to Know

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4 Tips on How to Choose the Best School for Your Little One

Your little one is growing up so fast so you’ve been exploring the idea of enrolling him or her in school. But the thing is, you suddenly realize that there are so many options out there! What are some of the things you should consider before deciding? Here are some tips from a pre-school teacher.

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How to Introduce Reading Materials to a Non-Reader

Have you ever tried solving a riddle in a language you cannot comprehend? No matter how you go back and forth, you will not be able to arrive even at step one of the solution. This is how reading feels like to a non-reader.

I remember my teaching stint in pre-school years back. While some of my 4–5-year-old pupils would excitedly turn the pages of their books when I say, “Please turn your books to page 10,” one of them would do nothing with the book on his table and would wait for me or his seatmate to do it for him. The pupil would also not participate in our alphabet singing and letter-writing activities. While there are other factors that I may not know of regarding this kid, his performance in our classes clearly shows that he is a non-reader.

For the context of this article, a non-reader is “one who does not or cannot read or a child who is slow in learning to read.”

How do we properly introduce materials to a non-reader? Ms. Marifi Navarro, a librarian for more than 25 years, shares her experiences and some tips on how to help non-reader children take a step towards reading and actually loving it!

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