8 Online Shops Where You Can Buy Party Supplies!

Parties have taken a backseat with all of the quarantine restrictions imposed. Physical stores are closed and going to the mall to scout for cute party trinkets may be unsafe. But we know that you, parents, still want to make your parties special even during this odd time. So, we’ve listed down eight online shops you can check out for your photoshoot-friendly party! From pinatas, giveaways, balloons, and other party supplies, we’ve got it covered!

8 Online Shops Where You Can Buy Party Supplies!
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Help! My Kid Just Asked Me a Difficult Question and I Don’t Know How to Answer It!

Kids will spend more time with parents and less time with teachers in this period of distance learning and homeschooling. Now that parents need to be their kid’s teachers at home, kids are more likely to ask some questions parents might not be prepared for.

Because of technology and social media, kids are more exposed with topics which go beyond their age, and their curious minds bring them to ask questions about their body, their feelings, and their family and friends, which puts parents on the spot and in awkward situations. However, without proper explanation, kids might look for answers on their own, which is all the more scary for parents. How should parents answer kids’ difficult questions?

We asked registered guidance counselor and pre-school teacher Eden Calara, grade school teacher Leila Francisco, and education consultant, principal, and registered guidance counselor Prof. Corazon Huvalla of the toughest questions they encounter from their kids and their students. As moms, they also share with us strategies on how to answer kids’ questions the best possible way!

Experts Talk: How Should Parents Process Their Child's Difficult Questions?

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6 Simple Tips for Childproofing Your Condo

We know that a lot of young families are choosing to buy a condo unit in the Metro as their first nest. Living in a place that’s close to everything you need and avoiding long commutes is the dream! This means you actually have more time to spend with your family. However, most condo units in the Philippines have an open-space layout. When you have crawling babies and curious kids at home, this could mean constantly checking that they don’t hurt themselves. Follow these simple tips to make sure that your condo echoes a child-proof layout.

6 Simple Tips for Childproofing Your Condo

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5 Party Planning Tips For Your Kid’s Quarantine Party!

With social distancing and safety precautions in place, parents definitely need a boost of creativity to plan fun kiddie parties. If you’re a parent planning one right now, for sure you can relate to the struggle! There are so many questions in your head like: “how can I make my son’s birthday at home special?” or “how can I decorate my daughter’s quarantine birthday nicely?” Today’s feature will guide you through the steps in planning a really good home celebration! Photographer Bryan Carpo of Sofie’s Studio and Event Stylist Ananta Carpo of Party Bitz and Pieces, share with us how they successfully pulled-off their daughter’s glamping themed home party!

5 Party Planning Tips For Your Kid's Quarantine Party!

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