Forest School: Important Life Lessons That Nature Taught My Child

My fondest memories as a child happened outdoors. I remember my parents bringing me and my siblings to beach trips, nature walks, and city tours. We experienced traveling to different countries as a family and got to explore how cold snow is and how hot desert heat is. But apart from those memories being my fondest, I think it’s also during those trips when I learned most about life. Now that I’m already a mom, I try my best to give my daughter the same opportunity to explore and to learn outside the four walls of our home.

Thanks to Instagram, I stumbled upon Forest school. I was immediately drawn to the program when I read that it’s play-based and learner-led. It encourages parents to take a step back so that the kids can explore nature on their own and discover how capable they really are. This, for me, sealed the deal. After years of being stuck inside the house because of the pandemic, a nature walk with my husband and my 1-year-old sure sounded like a great idea! Read about our experience here.

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A Mom’s List of Go-To Stores for Last Minute Holiday Decors

It’s like we blinked and Christmas season is suddenly around the corner! Have you put up your Christmas tree yet? If this question causes you to panic, then we all know the answer! With less than a month to go, a long list of questions start piling in your mind: What Christmas motif will I choose this year? Where do I buy affordable last-minute decors? Do I even have enough time, willpower, and energy to browse countless social media sites for Christmas decors? Today, I’ll be listing a few of my personal go-to stores with the hope that it will help ease your panic a little. So from one busy working mama, I hope you enjoy these budget-friendly picks. Continue reading “A Mom’s List of Go-To Stores for Last Minute Holiday Decors”

Exciting Family Holiday Traditions You Can Start

As the holiday season is getting closer, our schedules are also getting tighter. We have our family reunions, our company parties, our kids’ Christmas shows, and on top of all of that, our long list of Christmas shopping! But aside from the hectic ber-month schedule, have you thought of how to make the holidays more meaningful for you and your family? We’ve listed down some simple holiday traditions you can do to help your kids understand the true meaning of the season.

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10 Signs Your Baby Daddy Is One of the Greats

Just like we sometimes lose track of how many hours the baby’s been sleeping or how many diapers we’ve changed in a day, we also lose track of the many reasons we should be thankful for our partners. Parenting is never easy, but it is made a little less intimidating and a lot more fun when your partner is one of the greats! Today we round up 10 signs your baby daddy is a real-life superhero. Let this be a reminder to show him some extra love and appreciation today. A huge shout out to all the 10/10 dads out there! We see you. We are so thankful for you. We love you. There is no way we could do any of this without you!

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