Encourage Your Kids to Write More with These Tips!

Kids’ exposure to gadgets at an early age encourages them to be more visual and auditory. Because of this, it becomes easy for children to express themselves through speaking by way of imitating the sounds that they listen to. Most kids, though, find communicating through writing a chore because of little exposure to writing by hand. While it is true that gadgets can develop children’s skills in ways a traditional method cannot, writing by hand is still an indispensable skill. In this article, we explain why parents need to encourage kids to write more.

Why Should You Encourage Your Kids to Write More?

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3 Tips to Make Home Learning a Success, According to a Preschool Expert

2020 has certainly turned most of us moms to homeschool teachers. Whether you have decided to do your preschool lessons on your own or have enrolled your child in online classes, the truth is, you’ll end up doing activities and lessons together with your child on most days! For some of us, this can be a daunting task and it can get quite overwhelming. While for some moms, some guidance to the right direction is all they need. Teacher Liana, an early childhood education specialist and one of the authors of the Kidstarter Curious Curriculum shares some simple and doable tips that can get you started. And incase you want to get more valuable tips and strategies, you can sign up for the Jumpstart Your Home Learning Workshop by Kidstarter.


3 Tips to Make Home Learning a Success!

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Here’s How You Can Prevent Sore Nipples While Breastfeeding

Hey mama! Breastfeeding is such a beautiful activity to share with your baby. It may look easy, but there are real (and sometimes painful) struggles that often come with it—one of which are sore nipples. Though common in breastfeeding women, there are ways to manage sore nipples and reduce its symptoms so you and your baby can enjoy your quality feeding time together. We list down six preventive tips below.

Here's How You can Prevent Sore Nipples While Breastfeeding

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Some Signs That You’re Child is Feeling Anxious

These challenging times can put pressure on your children’s mental health. Especially now that they cannot go out and see their classmates in school or enjoy freely outside with their playmates. Also, they are forced to face a new way of learning, such as taking classes online. With the change to their routine and being stuck at home with limited and repetitive activities, these can surely take a toll on their psychological thinking, which can incur fear and anxiety to your little ones. Although the feeling of fear is part of their cultivation stage, it can be chronic and severe if disregarded and overlooked.

In our article today, we will talk about our children’s mental health, focusing on anxiety. How can you know that your child needs to take a breather? As a parent, how can you support your child as they go through distress? Keep reading as we give you the scoop of what anxiety is, the indicators, and what you can do to help!

Is Your Child Feeling Anxious?

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