Parents, Watch Out for These Bad Reading Materials!

Bookstores, school and local libraries, online stores, and even websites offer a wide range of reading materials for kids’ learning and enjoyment. This convenience is not enjoyed by past generations. However, this easy access also poses risks to children’s exposure to materials that may not necessarily be good for them.

Not every reading material is good, says Roella Ann Salape, or Teacher Ella, an educator for 13 years. According to her, “it is my work to create a learning environment where kids can reach their utmost potential, and reading is an integral part of this work.”

According to Teacher Ella, there are four categories of reading materials that are bad for kids:

Is There Such a Thing as a Bad Read for Kids?

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How a Breastfeeding Mom’s Life Really Looks Like

Every pregnant mom must have heard of “Get as much sleep as you can now,” “Prepare yourself for sleepless nights” and every version of it from their mom relatives and friends. I know this for sure because I had a good share of that valuable advice since the onset of my third trimester.

My life took a 180-degree turn the moment we brought our baby home. True enough, the sleepless nights with no end in sight kicked off! While breastfeeding definitely made our nights longer and our eyebags deeper, it’s not all there is to a breastfeeding mom’s life. There are a lot of light, fun, and heartwarming moments, too! If you’re curious about what really happens, allow me to give you an idea!

How a Breastfeeding Mom's Life Really Looks Like

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Local Travel Destinations for You and Your Toddlers (According to Parents)

After a few years of being cooped up in our homes, it’s nice to see the travel industry getting back up on its feet.

While the prospect of exploring new places again is exciting, traveling can also be a cause of anxiety and stress, for both parents and their children. Whether the destination could be made by land or air, sometimes a bit of research is needed in order to see how kids would enjoy the place.

So now that the summer season is fast approaching, here are a few destination suggestions for parents, by parents.

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Here are a Few Steps to Make Your Home Chemical-Free

Have you ever thought about replacing toxic and chemical-laden products in your home with organic and natural ones?

I never really thought about its merit until I had skin asthma years back. My dry and itchy skin woke me up in the middle of the night, and it was definitely no fun! Add to the burden the fragrance-free products my dermatologist gave me that cost a fortune! The wisdom I got from the several check-ups is that my skin asthma could be triggered by anything – from the products I use on my body to the products we use at home, not to mention the quality of the air I breathe in and out of the house!

Thankfully, I don’t experience flare-ups now, but that was the prompt for me to be more mindful of the products we use at home. Chemical-laden products are admittedly more familiar and more convenient, but they pose serious health risks. Admittedly, our home is still not 100% chemical-free right now, but my husband and I are constantly putting in our best efforts to at least minimize the use of chemicals at home. Here are a few of what we use and how we use them.

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