8 Entertainment Acts You Can Get for Your Kid’s Party

From setting dates, styling the venue, to finding the right food and dessert caterers–I think it’s safe to say that planning your child’s party can be challenging yet satisfying. It can be overwhelming to look for the right entertainer fit for your party, with so many to choose from. An entertainer that’s fit for your theme will surely liven up your program and keep the guests and little ones happy. Here are eight party entertainers you can check out! I’m certain that there’s one or maybe even two perfect for your little’s one’s special day.

Baby and Breakfast: Tips and Trends Entertainment You Can Get for Your Kid's Party

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Braeden’s Winter Woodland Birthday Blowout

Have you ever wished for winter in a tropical island like ours? Today, we’ve got a chill twist on a winter woodland just for you! Fit for an uber cool baby like Braeden, this birthday bonanza’s got a handful of interesting goodies to get you hooked. From a vibrant bouncy house, a glaze-filled donut wall, and other fun animal treats–Braeden’s party’s got you covered, all thanks to the creative hands at The Party Project Manila. So grab a coat and expect a bit of a chill as you breeze through the spectacular set Harry Lim Photography sent us!

Baby and Breakfast: Boy Parties Braeden's Winter Woodland Birthday Blowout

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The Look

6 Activities to Help Get Your Kids Off their Gadgets

Parents, let’s admit it. We have those times when we just let our kids play with their gadgets instead of actually playing. We have different reasons for doing this. One could be to keep our children busy while we work or do the household chores. Another could be to entertain them in situations where their patience is tested, like during a long drive or while waiting for food in the restaurant. Still another reason is to alleviate their tantrums. There may be times when we also run out of ideas for activities that we can do with our children. While we all have our own reasons, parents of this generation are very much aware of the effects of screen addiction. We know how detrimental it can be to our kid’s total development, whether motor, speech, or even the social aspect. Kids addicted to their gadgets is what we want to avoid. So today, we’re listing down some activities that you can do with your kids to help lessen screen time.

Baby and Breakfast: Tips and Trends Activities to Help Get Your Kids Off Their Gadgets

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A Vintage Birthday Tea Party for Carri

Just like entering a cozy home, Carri’s birthday invites you to take some tea, a slice of cake, and enjoy good company. Thank you to Artystafoto Kids for letting us take a seat and enjoy a warm afternoon of pastries and cool quenchers with the lovely birthday celebrant, Carri. Cool down with some lemonade, and keep scrolling!

Baby and Breakfast: A Vintage Birthday Tea Party for Carri

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