These Nighttime Rituals Can End Your Kid’s Day in a Meaningful Way!

Everyday is a busy day for Moms and Dads. You’d want nothing more than to put up your feet and unwind. But wait. The kids need to be put to bed first! If only there were some magical way for the little ones to doze off, like with the snap of your fingers or a wave of your hand. Hold that thought. We’ve got something better than magic. Just ask yourself: What’s the last thing you want your kids to remember before they close their eyes?

Bedtime is a great opportunity to end the day strong and joyfully, no matter what obstacles you went through the hours before. So, here are some nighttime rituals you can try with your kids to end the day with love!

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Man’s New Best Friend: Meet 9-Year Old Ino and His Pet Chicken!

It’s common for kids to ask their parents for pets like puppies and kittens, but today we’re telling you one inspiring story of a nine-year old boy and his family’s unique house pet, a chicken. I was able to talk to Mommy Maricris and her son, Ino, over a video call, and yes, I even got to meet their pet chicken, MakMak! I found out that they would often bring MakMak along on their family trips and staycations. Of course we wanted to know more about what it’s really like having a chicken as a pet. So, here goes! Keep reading to discover Ino and MakMak’s amazing bond!

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Breastfeeding in Public: An Open Letter to the One Who Stared

Breastfeeding is definitely on top of every mom’s “Most Difficult Thing I’ve Ever Done” slash “Most Painful Life Experience” list. It demands so much physical and emotional energy and getting used to. But as if that’s not enough, breastfeeding moms also have to deal with the anxiety of nursing in public. We’re talking about the judgmental glances and the downright stares from both people you know and don’t. In celebration of Breastfeeding Month, we’re starting an important conversation because every nursing mom needs to feel that they can safely breastfeed in public. So, Dear Judgmental Starer, this one is for you.

Breastfeeding in Public: An Open Letter to Everyone Who Stared

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What Happens When Kids Watch Scary Things?

The very first movie I ever watched in a cinema was Mulan. I was five years old when the film came out. My Mom and my Aunt took me to see it knowing how much I enjoyed Disney movies and songs. I was stoked! But what I wasn’t prepared for were the bad guys — the Huns. Towering men with mean-looking faces. My Mom told me to close my eyes until they disappeared from the screen, and so I did. Obviously, they kept on appearing throughout the movie, but good thing my anxiety didn’t last long. Mulan defeats them in the end, after all! As an adult, I know fictional characters can’t hurt me, but as a child, I didn’t realize that fully yet. So, what do you do when kids come across scary things like spooky scenes in movies? Should you let them keep watching until they realize it isn’t real or should you switch off the TV? Keep reading!

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