#ArnavsWorld Party Is Out of This World!

Last January 26, Arnav’s #ArnavsWorld party stunned everyone as he celebrated the grandest 5th birthday. From a six foot elephant float and a Cirque du Soleil, to a giant cake inside a bat mobile and 19 TimeZone machines, both adults and kids were sure to have an extraordinary day! Let’s go out of this world with Mayad Studios!

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7 Bonding Activities to Help Your Kids Get Along

Although petty fights and misunderstandings are inevitable between siblings, it’ll still be useful to introduce your kids to activities that can help strengthen their relationship with one another, even at a young age. After all, isn’t it any parent’s dream to see their children get along well? That’s why we’ve prepared a list of bonding activities you can try out with your kids!

But, first things first, mom: Make sure to take into account what interests your kids, both individually and collectively. Getting to know their personalities can tell you which activities will bring out healthy competition instead of yelling and arguments. The goal here is to build a solid relationship so lean toward projects or games that work for your kids and can help them work together.

Keep reading for seven engaging activities that can get your kids to have fun together!

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A Whole New World of Aladdin for Markuz’s Birthday Party!

Markuz’s birthday party is definitely a dazzling place we never knew till now! Markuz was flying his magic carpet along with Aladdin and Jasmine themselves! He’s got everything from an Aladdin cake to gold shimmery outfits and boy, what an indescribable feeling that must be! Let’s go out of this place and see the world with Sofie’s Studio Photography!

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The Look

A Tuscan and Lemon Themed Birthday Party for Harper!

When life gives you lemons, make a lemon themed birthday party! Take one look at this party and you’ll spot a lemon in every corner–from the ceiling decorations right down to the chairs! And with the adorable Tuscan and Mediterranean details here and there, Harper surely celebrated her first birthday with a room full of freshness and bright colors. It was all about lemons and fun that day! Check out what the main squeeze is all about through these photos by Cocoon Studio!

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The Look