A Dapper Day

Someone is celebrating his first birthday, and he’s definitely one dapper looking dude! With bow ties, plaid polos, and a cool blue and yellow palette, mommy Michele styled her son’s party like a complete pro. Oh, and did I mention the photographer is the birthday boy’s dad too? Such hands-on parents, don’t you think? It totally adds a special touch to the celebration!

So put on your cardigans and button-ups and enjoy this dapper day!









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The Look


Bravura Ballerina

Are you in for a little twistin’ and twirlin’ today? Cause our knees did a grand plié when we saw this lovely ballerina party that Den Llanos Dee sent our way! We honestly couldn’t help but ooooh and aaaah at this pink and white colored fête, so we’re sure you’ll love it as much as we did! We’re telling ya, all of this party’s elements are as whimsical as the moves of a prima ballerina. Oh Luxe Parties, the way you put together this lavish ballet production makes us throw flowers in the air and yell Encore, encore! Enjoy the show!

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The Look


A Charming Cherokee

We’re absolutely thrilled to share with you The Stork Studio’s beyond dreamy Native American-inspired shoot! With an enchanting forest, a charming little girl, mixed with the styling wonders of She Dreams in Ink, I must say, all the elements of this set are bewitchingly superb! Everyone ready?

Better move over Pocahontas, we’ve got a new nature lovin’ princess stealing the spotlight! Have a happy Tuesday, folks!

American-Indian_02 American-Indian_10 American-Indian_09 American-Indian_06 American-Indian_08 American-Indian_13 American-Indian_07 American-Indian_04 American-Indian_11 American-Indian_01 Photographer: The Stork Studio / Stylist: She Dreams in Ink


World of Wonder

We’re going around the world today, and you are invited! Filled with hot air balloons, around the world-inspired sweets, and luggage treats, stylist goddess Barbie Pardo has us applauding again for creating yet another über cool birthday party!

So before I say bon voyage, channel the little adventurer inside you and let’s go explore this wonderful celebration!

Around-the-World-Matteo_09 Around-the-World-Matteo_02 Around-the-World-Matteo_14 Around-the-World-Matteo_00 Around-the-World-Matteo_01 Around-the-World-Matteo_04 Continue reading “World of Wonder”

The Look