By the Sea Buds

As a parent, we want to cherish our children forever. Some of us want to stop time and just enjoy their innocence–and of course, their cuteness. Having a simple shoot like this set sent to us by Dustein Sibug is beyond priceless. The best part is they get to look back at it a few years from now and see how they had fun with their siblings! Also, from what I heard, it was only their mom who styled their outfits (totally the perfect balance of youth, style and charm… way to go mom)! Sigh… I am so in love with the colors that were set against the lovely beach setting. Two thumbs up for these gorgeous photos!

Happy Wednesday!

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The Look



A Dapper Dude’s Day

I think it’s appropriate to start with something very close to home. Although we already have a list of too-cute-for-words features lined up, I decided to open with a post that was the reason why all this talk of a baby blog began. July of last year, my little boy Matti celebrated his first birthday. This was when styled children’s parties were very rare. But I wanted something different from the cartoon/character parties (I’m sure he’d be asking me for one when he’s older). So taking advantage of the fact that I still had the primary say on the theme of the party, I gathered a handful of trusted wedding suppliers from the industry (thanks to Bride and Breakfast), and asked for their help. I wanted Matti’s party to be dapper, charming and sweet. I told them I wanted to used kites and bow ties which were also pretty rare then, so that meant I had to make the bowties myself. All things considered, this party was something to cherish and remember. The people involved in creating it were exceptionally creative and talented (I totally recommend them)! And the best thing is that it encouraged many of our readers to add whimsy, tastefulness and style to their little one’s party. Many of our faithful followers have seen this party from last year, but please indulge a happy mom just for today. This was where our love for unique and adorable parties began. And today we have Baby and Breakfast.

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The Look


Baby and Breakfast: An Inspirations Blog for You and Your Tot

I’m so, so, so excited, I don’t even know where to begin! From Bride and Breakfast just being a dream, to it being a go-to site for tasteful inspirations, another journey springs forth from my love of beautiful things. For months, I’ve been trying to get Baby and Breakfast started, but my family was just too busy with the move to our new home, running the blog, plus our other duties. But finally, thanks to my tech genius (and super handsome) husband Ian, Baby and Breakfast is now up and running. We also wanna thank The Fozzy Book and Anna Cristobal for the design collaboration of this blog.

So my heart is just beating like crazy and my thoughts are everywhere. I don’t even know what to write for this introduction post. A quick summary I guess? We will be posting the most stylish children’s parties, shoots and everything in between. This blog will hopefully help dads and moms out there to make their dream celebrations as creative and amazing as can be! For now, I’ll keep it short and start working on our first post already.

So what do you guys think? Leave us a comment cause we’d love to hear your thoughts on this new adventure of ours. And to all our faithful readers and followers, we truly hope that this site will be you and your little tot’s inspiration heaven!

Hugs and love,