Minecraft Madness

Every boy (maybe even grownup ones too) dreams of having the chance to live in his favorite video game. Some dream of driving the streets of Crash Bandicoot, while others dream of stepping into the shoes of Mario and Luigi. Adrian, however, dreamt of spending the day in the world of Minecraft! With the help of Design Avenue‘s event styling, his wish got granted. What a lucky boy right?

What we’re digging:

  • All those fun pixel elements that made everything look so videogame-like!
  • Those potion healing water bottles. We’re sure the young ones had a blast playing pretend with that one!
  • These very detailed photos from 9th Avenue Photography that wondefully captured all the party elements!
  • Those TNT mini-jello yumminess? Not only is it good to look at, we’re sure it tasted equally great!







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The Look


Candy Carnival Cuteness

Good morning, darlings! There are lots of things to look forward to today. Dollops of sweet colors and buckets of sweet treats await you this simmering Thursday morn! The sugar rush may leave you with a little dizzy spell, but we promise it’s the really good kind! Thanks Little J Photography for sending this pretty party our way. Your team’s snaps never disappoint!

What we’re digging:

  • The event styling done by Passion Cooks Catering. Everything looked super pretty, don’t ya think? The sweet color palette is just gorge!
  • Those marshmallow-filled flower jars. How nifty a move was that? Such a good splash of dainty while being very theme appropriate!
  • Individual chair streamers? YES. PLEASE.






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The Look



Army Navy Adorableness

Atteeeen-tion! Get your camouflage or sailing uniforms ready because little Bobby has invited you all to his Army Navy-themed birthday party! Shine your boots if you want to come as a soldier, or dust your sailor hats if you want to come as a navy commander, but either way, just come all set and ready to go have some fun! Did we mention that all teddy bear friends are invited to join the party as well? Yup, that’s double the fun indeed!

What we’re digging:

  • These snaps from Paul Vincent Photography. Aren’t they just in mighty tip-top shape?
  • SaSO Greenhouse Design Studio‘s event styling, of course. Who knew teddy bears mixed with a strong Army-Navy theme could look so darn adorable!
  • That teddy bear cake topper in his camouflage outfit that surely made all the little kiddies want to play with him!







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The Look



The Crazy Cuties

The quirkiest family photo shoots are always the funnest ones to browse through. There’s just something extra adorable about parents who can let out their inner child long enough to take a few snaps–which is why we love, love, love this crazy cute photo set that the Quirky Creatives team sent our way today! We know you’ll love it too! Enjoy!

What we’re digging:

  • The lion and panda overalls their little one was wearing that made us scream with glee! Seriously, how much cuter can he get?!
  • The funny poses the Sarreals were able to do for the camera. They totally made their fun personalities shine through!
  • A funky couple + happy lion/panda baby = awesome quirky family.






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The Look