How Mikaela Martinez Supports Kindness Movements During COVID-19

We hear disheartening news every day because the truth is, all our lives have been turned upside down because of COVID-19. But in between the tears and the uncertainties, we find stories that will make us see the beauty in tragedy. One of these stories is about someone who decided to let COVID-19 be an opportunity instead of a setback. I met Mika Martinez four years ago. We had been pregnant with our youngest boys at roughly the same time. I knew her as a pretty face and a kind smile. For most, you would know her as a social media influencer, a model, or an entrepreneur. I’ve gotten a chance to know her as a good friend in the year. And this 2020, I’ve seen her as a genuine inspiration. When the enhanced quarantine happened, a lot of people were confused, distraught, and devastated. It was a valid reaction, we were in a state of calamity. But despite all the problems that began popping out, I saw people rising to do their small part to help. I think that’s one of the biggest blessings COVID-19 has brought to our hearts–the desire to help. So as I watched Mika and her friends successfully grow their cause, being able to share more than 1,000 relief packages to their surrounding communities. I decided to write about it because I believe their story could also be YOUR story of being the silver lining in the lives of those who live and work in communities around you.

How Mika Martinez Supports Kindness Movements During COVID-19

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Keep Your Kids Productive During Quarantine With a Daily Activities Plan!

To all working parents out there, we see you! The shift from a typical office setting to a work-from-home setup is not an easy transition. It’s definitely a bigger challenge having to look after your kids alongside chasing deadlines and even handling some chores at home. To help shine a light in navigating this tricky road, we reached out to Teacher Tas Herrera, a pre-school educator based in New Zealand, who came up with a simple yet immensely helpful solution for your work-at-home woes. Read on to see what she has shared with us!

Keep Your Kids Productive During Quarantine With a Daily Activities Plan!

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Eco Friendly D.I.Y. Toys For Your Kids

Everyone is the perfect parent… until they have a child. Before I had my daughter, I swore to myself that I wouldn’t waste money on children’s toys, but now I realize what a “cute” sentiment that is. Don’t get me wrong, we make an effort to invest mostly on experiences instead of material things, but like it or not, whether gifted or bought, our kids tend to accumulate a lot of stuff, especially after holidays and birthdays. To shift that narrative, we have to demonstrate how fun D.I.Y. toys can be. It’s also a way to raise more environmentally-conscious children by repurposing everyday household items! Let’s get creative and have a great bonding experience with our kids–here are some unique ideas to get you started!

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All Aboard for Nile’s Train Themed Party!

Choo-choo! Come aboard! We found the perfect place for fun, and it’s Nile’s train-themed party. Nile’s party came in the color theme of blue, yellow, and orange, with a ring toss and balloon pop game! Hop in and get ready for a ride with Cocoon Studio!

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