Russian Royalty

I’m quite positively sure that getting a doll for one’s birthday is a wish almost all of us have made! (I can see some heads nodding!) But Svetlana took that dream of ours a little higher (up North)… to Russia! A bit jelly on the side, we are just in awe with how vibrant, fun, and […]

The Look

Great Woodland Adventure

Rule No. 1: A happy camper seeks bigger-than-big adventures! I hope everyone’s all set and packed up because everything you’ll see here in Nicolas Photography and Shutter Panda Photography‘s snaps is nothing short of extraordinary! I’ve gone totally bonkers over this smashing campfire affair put up by La Belle Fête Weddings & Events. And you will too! The stars […]

The Look

Bohemian Beauty

Bust out your best Macarena moves and shimmy your way into this fabulous fiesta waiting for you today! Gosh, screaming bright colors are just a total feast to the eyes, don’t you think? It’s an instant mood booster if you ask me! We’re really not surprised that we love this party oh so much. With La […]

Stunning Sylvanian

Kiddie parties nowadays are becoming more creative, don’t you think? We give you Lucille’s seventh birthday celebration as the perfect example! This little lady’s party is based on a theme of adorable little creatures called the Sylvanian Families–a line of animal figurine collectibles. Of course, props to La Belle Fête Weddings & Events for this affair’s planning […]