Cheerful Little Chief

Get your face paint ready and prepare your battle calls! Jace just had the most adorable Native American birthday party, and you don’t need to get in a canoe and cross a river to see it because Lyka Orhel Photography is bringing it right to us. Sweet Street Manila has styled something so charming, so fun, and so […]

The Look


    Playful Pow Wow

    We all know the story… when Christopher Columbus discovered America, he also found the Native Americans. What history books don’t always mention though, is the magical beauty of this diverse group of people. With their mythical legends, love for nature, and crafty handiwork, there’s no denying that they are absolutely fascinating! So imagine how delighted […]

    A Charming Cherokee

    We’re absolutely thrilled to share with you The Stork Studio’s beyond dreamy Native American-inspired shoot! With an enchanting forest, a charming little girl, mixed with the styling wonders of She Dreams in Ink, I must say, all the elements of this set are bewitchingly superb! Everyone ready? Better move over Pocahontas, we’ve got a new nature lovin’ […]