Here’s a List of Modern Baby Names That Are So Meaningful in 2022!

Names are so symbolic. They can represent valuable memories, resonant emotions as well as your hopes and dreams. And what better way to symbolize a more uplifting year ahead than through your baby’s name? Given the past two years that we’ve had, it’s no wonder why playful, bright, spiritual, musical and even names derived from […]

50 Filipino Words You Can Use to Name Your Child

Hello expecting mommas! If you’re still undecided on the name of your precious little one, our Filipino language offers an array of choices that showcases the beauty and richness of our history and culture. In celebration of Buwan ng Wika, we compiled the most beautiful Filipino words that you can use to name your little […]

Here Are Some Creative Baby Names for 2020!

It’s become an annual tradition for us to kick off the new year (and this time, new decade, if you can believe it!) with a list of the coolest baby names for your little bundle of joy. Here are our top choices for unique baby names in 2020–which one is your favorite? Tagged: baby boy […]

24 Unique Baby Names for Your Little Tots

We love all things babies here at Baby and Breakfast (why do you think we have the word Baby in our name!), and one thing we especially love doing here is discussing baby names. From classic and Christian names, to the more exotic and unusual ones, we love them all. Today, we want to show […]