Club Moonrise Kingdom

Public announcement to all fans of Moonrise Kingdom and fans of major cuteness in general–you are in for quite the treat today! Shaun celebrated his first birthday Camp Ivanhoe style, and it is absolutely adorable. If the desserts, the tents, the camp setup, and all the props don’t convince you of how faithful this party is to […]

The Look

A Very Bear-y Bash

Who can forget this age-old bedtime story? I’m sure all of you have read this at least once when you were a kid! Well, I’m guilty as charged–I probably went through that book more than ten times! Today, we get to relive the story again through this amazing party that La Belle Fete Weddings & […]

A Trance in the Tropics

The word in paradise island is that La Belle Fête has concocted a surprise all creatures great and small have been chirping and roaring about! And when Nicolas Photography and Videography handed me their binoculars, I was swept away in an instant… faster than a cheetah, I promise! This rainforest reverie waiting for you today will surely […]

The Look