Sweet Safari

Hey there, are you game for some exploring? Then, let’s head to little Patrice’s roaring Safari party! Party Station gave a twist to the usual Safari theme by using pastel shades of pink, purple, and yellow, so everything looked extra adorbs! Plus, every decor detail looked dainty, so it was indeed perfect for princess Patrice Garcia. So scroll down below, […]

Earth to Joaquin

Turning 1: one small step for Joaquin, and one giant leap for mankind! As kids, who didn’t want to get into a cool rocket ship (usually made out of a cardboard box), and zoom to the moon, yelling 3,2, 1, blastoff? Well, Joaquin and his guests got to do just that! And if the cuteness […]

The Look

A British Invasion Bash

Hurry along, there’s a British invasion coming our way, lad! Paddington bear, that iconic telephone booth, the queen’s guards, and even that famous red bus–you won’t have to go to London to see all these England must-sees, because they’re all right here in Ferdinand’s British bash! And who do we have to thank for this […]

The Look


The Greatest Goal

Gooooaaaaaal!!! Are you ready for a grand celebration? No need to go to Brazil because Mervyn Miguel just turned one and his party is like the bestest goal ever made!!! Whether it’s Messi, Ronaldo, or Neymar, they’re all present, thanks to Sweet Nest Candy Buffet. Don’t believe us? Ren Faustino Photography has the snaps to back […]

The Look