A Perfect Picnic Party

Who said picnics are only for outdoors? Pinwheel Crafts just showed us that we can do an indoor picnic! And let me tell you, browsing through these Bea Caisip Photography snaps, I think indoor picnics might be even better than outdoor ones! It’s true! Teddy’s laid-back and breezy first birthday was all kinds of relaxed, cheerful, and way too adorable–it’s […]

Chocolate-Chip Cuteness

Prepare for some serious sweets-craving after seeing all the cuteness we have lined up for you today! With Christmas right around the corner, we can’t help but feel the excitement brought about by all the festivities around the city! And what better way to greet Santa a Merry Christmas than a plate of cookies and […]

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Slumber Sweetness

We’ll keep it short and sweet for today, folks! Why, you ask? Shutter Count captured an adorable slumber party and it’s making us want to go right back to bed! Thank you The Party Studio for Lorenzo’s super cozy celebration! All we need now is some hot choco, a blanket, and a California king size bed, […]

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A Snowy Surprise

The truth is, we think of D.I.Y. mommies as rock stars. Imagine putting up a whole celebration, from the invite down to the props, while taking care of a child? Okay, we change our minds, that’s a rock star superstar! Today, that kind of mommy is gracing our blog! Mommy Sheila of Jorem and Sheila […]

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