A Day in a Life: A Teacher’s Journey through Distance Learning

Without the structure that teachers are used to such as the classroom, black boards or white boards, and students’ happy chatter as background, how are teachers adjusting with their schedule, requirements, and environment in this pandemic? We asked Teacher Lolly Arroco, a Grade School Art teacher and a mom, to walk us through her regular […]

Distance Learning: How to Create a Routine to Beat Your Kids’ Boredom

Parents, as you and your child try to navigate your way through distance learning, we understand that it can get really difficult! It can take so much effort, negotiations, and pleading just to convince them to sit down and listen. We hear you! So today, we list down a few tips that can hopefully help […]

Parents, Are You Ready for Distance Learning?

Parents, we understand that you may not be as fully prepared for Distance Learning as you want to be! Some of you may have worries and doubts: “Can I really do this? How can I prepare my children for this?” Don’t worry, we’re here to give you a better understanding of this new learning setup […]