A Trance in the Tropics

The word in paradise island is that La Belle Fête has concocted a surprise all creatures great and small have been chirping and roaring about! And when Nicolas Photography and Videography handed me their binoculars, I was swept away in an instant… faster than a cheetah, I promise! This rainforest reverie waiting for you today will surely […]

The Look


Sweet Super Mario

We don’t need any Family Computers or Nintendo consoles to play this game, because today, we’re taking you straight to Super Ilyana’s world! La Belle Fête Weddings & Events conceptualised an adorable Super Mario-themed birthday, and Passion Cooks Catering executed it perfectly! So turn on that Super Mario soundtrack, grab as many gold coins as you can, and join […]

The Grandest Garden

Entering a beautiful garden is precious in itself, but today is a different story. La Belle Fête Weddings & Events concocted a secret garden-like birthday for Giuliana and it was enchanting as can be! And you know what? Let Agnes Be Design Studio‘s meticulous attention for detail was simply amazing. Check out how the venue was transformed into the grandest […]