Double the Fun or Double the Trouble? Here Are the Answers to Your Questions about Twins!

Whether it was because of The Parent Trap or any of the Olsen sisters’ teen movies, there was a time you must have dreamt of all the fun and crazy things you would have done if you had a twin! It is a unique experience growing up with a built-in-best-friend with whom you shared your […]

This Dad Built a Huge Jungle Gym for His Two Sons While on Quarantine

Parents, I’m sure that you’ll be able to relate that when your kids ask for something and start giving you those cute “please, please, please” puppy eyes with matching tight hugs and small kisses, you’ll immediately summon your superman powers just to make them happy—even if what will make them so happy is a huge […]

10 Things Every New Mommy Needs to Know, According to Moms!

“You’re pregnant!” – as soon as you received this news, for sure, it triggered all of your happy hormones! Suddenly, you find yourself in the pregnancy section to find books and magazines you can learn from, or you start your Google search for prenatal classes that can prepare you well for motherhood. People around you […]

This Family Left Their Home in Manila to Live in Siargao

Do you ever just want to live by the beach? With the palm trees swaying in the gentle sea breeze and the waves crashing against the shore, almost all beach lovers would love to get up and grab the chance to do just that. But there’s a lot more to living by the beach than […]