Fact: Breastfeeding Moms Need To Do Regular Breast Self-Exams, Too!

Pregnancy and breastfeeding lead to a lot of changes to a Mom’s breasts, and sometimes these new developments may cause you to worry about what the painful lumps, swelling, and soreness mean. Most of the time, these are signs of breastfeeding issues that are easily treated with the guidance of your doctor. If that’s the […]

How Does Breastfeeding Affect Mom’s Brain?

Moms go through so many changes during pregnancy and especially after giving birth. You must have already heard of “Mom Brain” or becoming more forgetful because of all the hormones brought about by pregnancy. But is “Mom Brain” really all about instances of memory loss? While breastfeeding is known to benefit your baby’s cognitive development, […]

Feeding on Demand: A Survival Guide for New Moms!

What exactly does breastfeeding on demand mean? It’s feeding your baby whenever and wherever as soon as they show signs of hunger like sucking their fists, opening their mouths, and the like. For newborns, it could be every hour or two. The feeding intervals become longer though as babies grow older. Basically, feeding your baby on […]

Working Moms Who Breastfeed: Here’s How They Manage Two Full Time Jobs!

Being a Mom is already a full-time job in itself, but once the maternity leave is over, how do you manage both your breastfeeding schedule and work shifts? Some women might carry portable, electric pumps in order to maintain their supply while they’re at the office. Other moms take advantage of the work from home […]