9 Healthy Food Brands for Your Kids’ School Snacks

Every mom knows how important picking the right food for your child is. Because of this, we rounded up nine healthy food brands your kids can snack on in school, and at home too. They’re so yummy, your kid won’t even realize they’re snacking on something healthy! Tagged: baon / baon ideas / Fitbar PH […]

8 Healthy Snack Alternatives Your Kids Will Love

Giving our kids nutritious food is quite a challenge for most moms. Since there are a lot of snacks readily available, it is easier to buy the commercial snacks found in supermarkets. While we see nothing wrong with that, we want to share with you snack alternatives you might want to offer your little ones. […]

Sneaky Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Veggies (Without Them Noticing!)

Oh the struggle of making our kids eat veggies! While there are a few kids who don’t seem to mind the greens, majority of the kiddie population treat veggies like the plague. But can you blame them? We were probably the same when we were younger! Unfortunately (for our kids), veggies and greens are packed […]