Christian’s First Class Birthday Party

Get ready for an adventure in the clouds as Christian takes you up, up, and away in his travel themed birthday celebration! With its grand stage setup and A-plus planning and styling, everything about this party will make you feel like you’re flying first class. So, buckle up and check out the shots Pram and […]

The Look


A Dainty Hot Air Balloon Bash for Saab

Hues of pink and purple always get me so giddy and excited! Saab’s birthday party was every bit as cute as you could imagine. Thank you to the folks of Mhel Mesa Photography for sending in these adorable photos of the celebration. Don’t let me keep you, and check them out below! Tagged: Confetti Parties […]

Sweet Say and the Sky

This Friday is all about smiles and dainty details with this feature that is sure to brighten up your day! Say’s hot air balloon-themed christening is every mom’s dream party for her baby princess! Thanks to Strong and Rachel Photography for sharing the party’s charming moments with us! Scroll down and check out the whole […]

The Look


Sky Sweetness

Hey you, come closer! Today we’re flying straight to cloud nine for a super special hot air balloon party. Nathan just turned one and all we have to say is that it was a sky full of perfection! PurpleTie Events soared high, and they most definitely achieved the look they were going for! So, what are […]

The Look