24 Ideas For a Fantastically Fun Party

You’ve set the date, invited the guests, and you’ve got all your style details down to a T. The only thing left is figuring out what your guests are going to do! Entertaining an army of tots has never been an easy task, but it sure can be a simple one when you think like […]

Radiant Little Red

Grab your baskets and get lost in the woods with us today! Imagine Nation Photography treats us to the loveliest Little Red Riding hood party, and nothing could stop us from slipping on our cloaks and skipping into this fairy tale. Even a big bad wolf couldn’t ruin the sweetness! What we’re digging: The woodsy styling of The […]

The Happy Hobbit

Let’s go to Hobbiton, shall we? Bilbo Baggin’s hobbit hole at Bag End, more specifically. So for all you The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings fans out there, this party is for you! We are just crazy excited to show you all these photos from Jamie Lihan of Imagine Nation because The Party Project transformed these four walls […]

The Look

Rockin’ Celebration

Ever thought of throwing a rock party? No, we don’t mean rock and roll with the loud music. We’re talking about those rocks that we pass by our gardens and streets everyday. Sure, it may not sound like an exciting theme, but trust us! These pictures by Jamie Lihan of Imagine Nation will make you think […]

The Look