8 Event Stylists Who Can Help Make Your Kid’s Party Look Spectacular

The styling of your event makes a huge difference, and when I say huge, I mean huuuge. Whether it’s a birthday or a baptism, it’s a no-brainer matter to have your kid’s celebration look stylish nowadays! I’m not suggesting every mom hold an event of extravagance, but for those who would love to, here are […]

A Stunning Beauty and the Beast Party for Yunice

Almost every little girl dreams of being a princess once in her life. And today’s featured celebrant, Yunice, got her opportunity on her seventh birthday with a stunningly detailed Beauty and the Beast party that would make any Disney princess fan proud! So without further ado, I invite you to relax, pull up a chair, […]

A Pumpkin-Themed Party for Elianah

Apparently, pumpkin is not only great on your latte. Turns out, it looks amazing as a party theme too! Don’t believe me? Just look at this pumpkin-themed party, styled by Khim Cruz Events, for Elianah’s birthday, and you’ll see how everything’s so spot on! I bet you wouldn’t get tired looking through these photos. So […]

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