Pixel Perfect

What do you get when you combine legendary and ultra cool? This!!! Little J Photography just took us along in a new and exciting world! Crafted by the amazing Gideon Hermosa, Santino’s blockbuster Minecraft party is jam-packed with all the video game elements that make it quite a stunner: the greenery, TNTs, cubes, creepers, and dirt blocks! Aaahhh! […]

The Look

Delightfully Dainty

One can fall in love with an adorable Cath Kidston-inspired affair, even at first sight. So just imagine how our cheeks turned rosy when today’s snaps by Little J Photography greeted us! Oh my! If you’re into all things pretty and everything in between, this simple, cheery, and sweet set will definitely make your day! With the shabby […]

The Look

A Farmer’s Tale

The moment I saw today’s snaps, I was already sure that Old MacDonald had his farm boots clinking for Juancho! With the party sporting earthy tones coupled with some cows and crops, it really had me happily singing E-I-E-I-O! There’s just an abundance of freshness and rustic vibes that can be dug out from this […]

Building Blocks

It doesn’t take that much to make your little one feel oh-so special and superb on his big day. Boss Basti proved us just that with his awesome Superhero meets LEGO birthday bash! Get ready to feel some LEGO lovin’ on your toes today, ’cause we’re definitely in for some blastin’ fun and a color fest that […]

The Look