A Babar Birthday Bash

Remember the ever-so-classic Babar the elephant? Well, today we get to see him again along with his super precious family! Gosh, I don’t even remember how long it’s been since I last saw the show! So just imagine my excitement when I saw Audrina’s party! Calling all those people who read the books, watched the […]

The Look


22 Utterly Delightful Dessert Tables

It is true that we all have different interests in this life, but I’m confident that you will all raise your forks in agreement with me when I say we all have one, united passion: dessert! That’s why we have compiled our most favorite dessert tables for us all to swoon over together, and let […]

Farming and Charming

There is no¬†way of describing this party that would justify the cuteness! It’s almost like Little Matters (and Savin’s mommy!) put everything together knowing that the final product would deserve its own specialized list of adjectives. Savin’s one-of-a-kind farm-filled birthday is a breath of fresh air. Everything comes together so beautifully: from the checkered bunting […]

The Look


Christmas Craze

Announcement, ladies and gentlemen! Somebody has a serious case of Christmas hangover (okay, that would have to be me)… Who wouldn’t? I’m sure once you see this party sent over by the amazing Den Llanos Dee Photography, you’ll have one too! It’s a Christmas birthday with an Alice in Wonderland twist! Renee’s wonderful birthday will […]