Happy Grandparents’ Day from Baby and Breakfast!

Grandparents will forever hold a special place in our hearts. Whether it’s their awesome stories, their ability to keep feeding us and our kids non-stop, and their infinite love, we cannot say it enough. So to the amazing lolos and lolas out there, we wish you a very happy Grandparents’ Day! Know that your kids […]

11 Grandparent Moments Parents Secretly Love

You know when you go to your parents’ house with your kids, and your parents feed them tons of food? Or when you tell your kids that the piece of chocolate they’re eating is going to be the last one, but somehow your mom or dad overrules you, and gives theirĀ aposĀ even more? And then you […]

5 Activities You Can Do On Grandparents’ Day

Now that Grandparents’ Day is right around the corner (it’s already this Sunday!), I prepared a short list of activities that’ll take your kids down memory lane! These activities are lined up so that grandparents and grandkids can have a full day of quality time at home. Imagine sharing endless stories of your happy memories […]

Why Your Kids Should Spend Time with Lolo and Lola

There is so much to love about our grandparents, aside from the undeniable fact that grandparents are notorious for feeding us till our bellies are full! Growing up, I enjoyed every visit to my grandparents’ house. Aside from being fed every single minute, I loved hearing their stories and enjoyed their company. It’s true what […]