A Classic Minimalist Motif for This Gender-Neutral Maternity Shoot

Whether the baby is a boy or a girl remained a surprise for parents Matu and Cathy up until the delivery! That is why they chose to do a maternity shoot with neutral colors and minimal props and details. The simple and cozy setup just highlighted how much love Matu and Cathy have for one […]

The Look



This Maternity Shoot Paints a Picture of How Beautiful Pregnancy Can Look Like

Moments before the lockdown, Liaa commemorates her pregnancy journey through a romantic renaissance art-inspired photoshoot with Ark Studios PH! She shows off her soft pregnancy glow while also giving drama and sophisticated looks from the outskirts of town! Against a warm linen backdrop, she flips through the pages of her journal, reminiscing through the journey, […]

Kryz Uy’s Home Maternity Shoot and Preparation for Her Baby Boy

Earlier this month, lifestyle blogger Kryz Uy announced that she and husband Slater Young were having a baby boy! Before the ECQ implementation, the family did a simple and natural maternity shoot at home. Modern and fresh, Kryz shows us how chic a couple she and Slater are. We simply fell in love with the […]

A Maternity Shoot in Souq Waqif for Camille

Camille‚Äôs maternity shoot took place in the outskirts of Souq Waqif in Doha, Qatar, so surely they were surrounded by beautiful architecture and intricate details! However, they were still able to go down a modern, light, and bright route for her indoor shoot. All the different and unique details made it all look so warm […]

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