VIDEO: Moms Try To Define Tagalog Slang Words

Since August celebrates Buwan ng Wika, we thought it would be a great idea to do something Pinoy-related at the Baby and Breakfast headquarters! So we decided to invite five mommies to take on the #MommyTagalogChallenge, where they get to define Tagalog words. But instead of defining deep Tagalog words, we challenged mommies to give the meaning of these new Tagalog slang […]

A Mommy’s Guide to Pokemon Go

If you never really got into Pokemon in the 90s, then you’re probably wondering why you’ve been seeing a bunch of people walking aimlessly around the Metro with their eyes glued to their phones. Yes, the worldwide phenomenon called Pokemon Go has arrived here in the Philippines last weekend, and it has gotten everybody hooked–adults, teenagers, […]

Mommy Challenge: Keeping Up With Your Kids’ Favorite Interests

We have to admit, keeping up with our kids is no joke! From new iPad games to cartoon characters, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of their lives! But as their parents, we have to know their interests by heart no matter how busy we are, because that’s one of the best ways to connect to them. […]

Filipina Moms Try To Guess Millennial Terms

They say that the words the you use will reveal your true age, and I couldn’t agree more! Let’s face it mommies, our terms like jologs, baduy, or even gimmick reveal our inner #titavibes. That’s why we definitely need to update our vocabulary, don’t you think?! So what better way to review these cool words than by playing […]

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