Check Out These Mom-Approved Essentials for a Happy Home!

There’s no need to wait another year or for some other special occasion to show Mom how much you love and appreciate her! For all the roles she plays for the family—part-time cook, home tutor, breadwinner, and many more—she deserves to be taken care of too. Bride and Breakfast and Baby and Breakfast Founder Janna […]

Here Are 9 Gifts You Can Order Online for The Kids on Your Nice List!

If you’re looking to start on your holiday gift list but are not quite ready to venture into a mall, there is no need to worry! While families have been adjusting to life in home quarantine, business owners have also been adapting to the current needs of their cautious customers. Retailers, both big and small, […]

Moms, Here’s Where You Can Buy Pretty Plates Online!

Every mom knows the power of a beautiful dining table setup! Stress level goes down and happy hormones definitely go up. So, wether you’re preparing for a special occasion or you just want to look forward to something pretty everyday, we listed down local Instagram accounts where you can purchase pretty plates that can add […]

Here’s Why Online Shopping Is Your New Best Friend

You can’t even go on most websites anymore without ads popping up. More and more apps are targeting you–yes, you reading this right now through your gadget–and showing you items on sale online. Online shopping is the new normal nowadays, and if you have a smartphone, you’re already all set to go. With the Christmas […]