A Festive Pinoy Christmas Fiesta for Kaley and Finn

Nothing beats a traditional Filipino celebration because it’s so festive and fun! That’s why I’m really ecstatic to show you the photos of Kaley and Finn’s Pinoy Christmas fiesta from Carousel Studios PH by MR Villar. It’s full of colorful details plus lots of traditional Filipino snacks! I can’t wait to share the whole set […]

Of Blooms and Butterflies

Butterflies and flowers are sort of staples in a little girl’s list of likes. And for Elise, her garden party has no shortage of these pretty little things. With pastels painting the whole affair and a bunch of polka dot cuteness here and there, we just had to show you this adorable celebration! What we’re […]

The Look


    A Lovely Little Bird Fête

    “Why do birds suddenly appear, every time you are near. Just like me, they long to be close to you.” Sounds familiar? I’m pretty sure this gives you a clue as to what the theme of our featured party is today! Penelope Kaley has Marti Bartolome Photography to thank for taking these wonderful snaps, and […]

    The Look