Come Swim with Karelle in Her Colorful Mermaid Themed Party!

Let your imagination take you under the sea today! Mermaid themed parties are so delightful because of the many elements you can include to bring the celebration to life. Take a look at Karelle’s party for inspiration. The floating oyster with Karelle as the precious pearl, the adorable clam-like throne where the adorable celebrant sits, […]

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#ArnavsWorld Party Is Out of This World!

Last January 26, Arnav’s #ArnavsWorld party stunned everyone as he celebrated the grandest 5th birthday. From a six foot elephant float and a Cirque du Soleil, to a giant cake inside a bat mobile and 19 TimeZone machines, both adults and kids were sure to have an extraordinary day! Let’s go out of this world […]

Welcome to Jaden’s Wilderness Girl Jamboree!

Choosing a fun movie as inspiration for a party theme is always a good idea. That’s why Jaden’s mom decided to go with her favorite movie “Troop Beverly Hills”! Using this feel-good movie about a fun-loving troop of wilderness girls as the theme definitely made for a bright and unique party! Take a look at […]

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Go Under the Sea with Atara at Her Mermaid Themed Birthday Party!

Apart from being a princess, every little girl dreams of becoming a mermaid! And Atara got to bring those under-the-sea fairy tale fantasies to life with her beautiful mermaid themed birthday party. Get ready to swim with Atara and some colorful fishes as you scroll through these photos by Little Heartbeat Photography! Tagged: Confetti Warehouse […]

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