Madamoiselle Anya’s Chic Tea Party

What better way to spend the outdoors than with a cup of tea and a little pastry on the side? Bring out your chic afternoon tea dresses, as we venture to Madamoiselle Anya’s Shabby Chic Tea party captured by Dandelion Photography. Anya’s birthday set-up surely made our pinkies raise with the rustic and dainty feel. Party Wonderland surely created […]

The Look


Sassy Sunshine

It’s your lucky day! A super sweet treat is waiting for you–with hues of pink and a splash of sunshine, you will surely adore Joey’s birthday party! Cheers to Ice Ong Photography for capturing these cute photos! It’s all about brightness, cuteness, sweetness… and wait, there’s more! Such a great day, isn’t it? Start your […]