Here’s What Happens To You When You’re Sleep Deprived

This morning, you woke up tired. You might have pulled an all-nighter to feed and nurse your little one, and in the next few hours, you’ll do it all over again. Then, add in the day job and the never-ending household chores to the equation. Being tired and not getting ample sleep have become “normal” […]

9 Tips and Tricks to Get Your Kids to Go to Sleep

There’s a reason sleep deprivation is a common method of torture. When forced to stay awake, we may experience disorientation, hallucinations, and lethargy. If pushed too far, we suffer physical and mental breakdowns. What more, for little people like our children? It’s strange to think why, despite needing more sleep than adults, children tend to […]

Here’s A Guide to How Many Hours of Sleep Your Child Needs and Its Benefits!

Sleep is important to everyone’s health and well-being, but most especially for your child’s. The amount of sleep a person should have varies, depending on the individual, their age, and other factors. Does your child get enough sleep? See the table below, and find out! Tagged: benefits of sleep / hours of sleep / hours […]