Andrei’s Classic Filipino Fiesta!

The day has come that Andrei celebrates his classic Filipino fiesta birthday party and everyone is stocked! From sari-sari stores, kakanin, pabitin, and tinikling, Andrei’s truly captured the essence of fiesta spirit! Who wouldn’t love to celebrate our very own Filipino fiesta? We’re doing it the traditional way and we’re giving ourselves a classic birthday […]

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A Whole New World of Aladdin for Markuz’s Birthday Party!

Markuz’s birthday party is definitely a dazzling place we never knew till now! Markuz was flying his magic carpet along with Aladdin and Jasmine themselves! He’s got everything from an Aladdin cake to gold shimmery outfits and boy, what an indescribable feeling that must be! Let’s go out of this place and see the world […]

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Go to a Place Beyond the Clouds in Mariana’s Heavenly Baptism Reception!

Mariana is taking you high above the clouds and into a dreamy heaven for her baptism reception! And who knew heaven could be this adorable? Scroll down and see the snaps from this heavenly celebration by Sofie’s Studio Photography! Tagged: 3rd Avenue / Buffet of Sweets by Ananta / Krispy Kreme / Krispy Kreme Philippines […]

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Step into Elijah’s Magical Wizarding World!

We solemnly swear that Elijah‚Äôs Harry Potter themed birthday looks like it was a ton fun! Made to resemble the Great Hall at Hogwarts, the party venue was filled through the roof with the coolest Harry Potter memorabilia. Complete with just about every Harry Potter themed item you can name, this celebration was definitely any […]

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