The Beautiful Boho

What’s not to love in this bohemian beauty that’s waiting for you this fine morning? Absolutely nothing! I bet you that after seeing the entire set, you’d want a boho party for your kiddo too (or even for yourself)! So gear up your paisley dresses and feathered headbands, girls! Kavee’s birthday celebration is a feast […]

The Look


Pow Wow Party

We’ve got the cutest little Indian in town, and did I mention the most fashionable one too? From the hat down to his teeny-tiny shoes, Cameron’s outfit screams “I’m the chief in this place!” And judging by the photos, boy, was he super right! Debbie Huang of Simple Wishes transformed the venue into the most perfect […]

Playful Pow Wow

We all know the story… when Christopher Columbus discovered America, he also found the Native Americans. What history books don’t always mention though, is the magical beauty of this diverse group of people. With their mythical legends, love for nature, and crafty handiwork, there’s no denying that they are absolutely fascinating! So imagine how delighted […]

One Little-Two Little Indian Boys

Through the teepee huts, enchanting forests, and river bends, we stumbled upon the cutest twin little Indians! We just can’t stop gushing over how adorable this double celebration is for Alonzo and Andres! The creative details you are about to see was made possible by the careful conceptualization of La Belle Fete! How adorable are the feather […]