Power Up into the World of Super Mario for Curt’s First Birthday!

Curt’s first birthday party will surely transport you into the world of the video game classic, Super Mario! The venue was filled to the brim with Super Mario decorations, from the back drops and stage props, all the way down to the table centerpieces. How can you not feel super too? Jump into Curt’s celebration […]

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Dylan Turns Two with An Oh-So-Sweet Winnie The Pooh Themed Birthday

Dylan celebrated his second birthday with a Winnie the Pooh theme, and it was oh-so-cute! Everything sure was as sweet as honey. Scroll down to see all the photos taken by Everyday Sunday Studios! Tagged: Bravo David Aristorenas / Edsa Shangri-La / Everyday Sunday Studios / Lara Yap / The Creamery / Twinhouse Creatives / Winnie […]

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Carmen’s Artsy Mexican Floral Fiesta

Ola! There are a lot of details to note in this sweet celebration, but to sum it all up–it’s nacho ordinary first birthday party! Salsa your way through Photography by Lianne‘s wonderful set, and enjoy! Tagged: Cuppy Puppy / floral girl party / La Pomme’s Decorate a Plush / mexican girl party / Photography by Lianne / […]

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7 Caterers You Can Consider for Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Hello, mommies! When planning your kids’ parties, we all know how food plays an important role. Great food keeps your guests’ tummies happy, and has the potential to make or break the mood of the party. Make sure you’re picking the right food from the right caterers! Here are some amazing food and dessert caterers […]