Under the Sea

Who doesn’t love the ocean? Today’s Little Mermaid-themed party makes me wish I could live under the sea and be a mermaid! Dianne Khu Designs did wonders in transforming the venue into an underwater world, and everything is just making me wish I had fins and could jump into the sea even more! Thank you Harry Lim […]

The Look


A Disney Delight

Where dreams come true, where your favorite cartoon characters come alive… Boys and girls, welcome to the happiest place on earth! You guessed it! Today, Anielle is bringing us to Disneyland! Party Magic concocted a magical place where we get to relive our childhood, and it was surreal. So for all you kids at heart, […]

That Autumn Feeling

We may not have autumn on this side of the world, but that most definitely won’t stop Alex from celebrating that season along with his friends Calvin and Hobbes. Delightful Little Darlings sent in this set and we’re just wishfully hoping that we get to experience Fall too! But since Party Magic did an utterly wonderful job […]

The Look


Gorgeous Garden Gala

Well isn’t this THE most gorgeous birthday bash ever? Happy Folks Studio sent us these snaps and it’s giraffing us crazy and had us standing tall! Styled wonderfully by Ernest of Bespoke Manila, this garden occasion was transformed into Cara’s little haven, as it is inspired by her favorite toy, Sophie the giraffe. Looks like it’s […]