Sneaky Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Veggies (Without Them Noticing!)

Oh the struggle of making our kids eat veggies! While there are a few kids who don’t seem to mind the greens, majority of the kiddie population treat veggies like the plague. But can you blame them? We were probably the same when we were younger! Unfortunately (for our kids), veggies and greens are packed […]

Farmers Market Magic

Grab your straw hats and your most comfortable dress, because we’re gonna go farmers market shopping today! Aquila was just welcomed into the Christian world, and the family most definitely celebrated in rustic fresh style. We gotta thank Sweet Nest Candy Buffet for sprucing the party up, and of course Zeus Martinez Photography for capturing all the fun […]

The Look


    Farming and Charming

    There is no way of describing this party that would justify the cuteness! It’s almost like Little Matters (and Savin’s mommy!) put everything together knowing that the final product would deserve its own specialized list of adjectives. Savin’s one-of-a-kind farm-filled birthday is a breath of fresh air. Everything comes together so beautifully: from the checkered bunting […]

    The Look