Calix Goes to the Mighty Jungle for His First Birthday Shoot!

Calix reigns as the cutie of the jungle in his adorable first birthday shoot! How awesome is this setup, complete with animal friends that are as big as the birthday boy himself? What makes these photos even sweeter to look at is Calix’ cake that matches the whole jungle theme. We’re sure he had a […]

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Check Out Theo’s Little Lamb Themed Baptismal Reception

Here’s a good dose of cuteness from Theo’s Little Lamb-themed baptismal reception. Check out how the long table was decorated with lamb-themed details like party hats, place mats, utensils, and even the drinking glasses. Placing balloons, streamers, more lamb images, and Theo’s name on the window was also a clever way to set up a […]

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Little Explorer Brent’s Wildlife Safari Birthday Party!

Little explorer Brent celebrates his first birthday party with a safari! From lions, elephants, zebras, and giraffes, it is one wild celebration! And of course, Brent is ready with his explorer costume! Let’s dive into the wild safari with Little Heartbeat Photography! Tagged: animal birthday party / Beat Audio Lights and Sound / Bella Morcen […]

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Aliyah’s Roarin’ Party Fun Day!

Aliyah’s gathered all her animal friends and made a party! And we’re all invited to take a look! With friends like these, who needs enemies? Paws up, everyone! Now’s the time to go and see some animals with Aliyah through the photographs of MC Project! Tagged: Ada’s Wonderful Party Needs / Aliyah’s Roarin’ Zoo Party […]

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