A Vintage Birthday Tea Party for Carri

Just like entering a cozy home, Carri’s birthday invites you to take some tea, a slice of cake, and enjoy good company. Thank you to Artystafoto Kids for letting us take a seat and enjoy a warm afternoon of pastries and cool quenchers with the lovely birthday celebrant, Carri. Cool down with some lemonade, and […]

Petals and Pretties

When there’s a lovely little lady, flowers, and a whole lot of pink in the mix, it’s just bound to be delightful! Holly’s Cath Kidston birthday party is simply blooming. Each and every detail spells out “Little Girl’s Dream.” And Holly looks just as thrilled as we are! I don’t know about you, but looking […]

Delightfully Dainty

One can fall in love with an adorable Cath Kidston-inspired affair, even at first sight. So just imagine how our cheeks turned rosy when today’s snaps by Little J Photography greeted us! Oh my! If you’re into all things pretty and everything in between, this simple, cheery, and sweet set will definitely make your day! With the shabby […]

London Loveliness

We hope you’re ready for some sightseeing because we’re traveling halfway around the world today! We’re taking you to the beautiful city of London, and you’re about to see it in its prettiest, daintiest state. Kate’s Cath Kidston in London party was so perfectly done, with the perfect mix of sweetness and glamour, and Luxe […]