An Enchanting Fantasy Maternity Shoot in Batangas

This soon-to-be-mom is definitely glowing in her maternity shoot. Styled fabulously, and with her sweet hubby by her side, this momma-to-be looked gorgeous in front of the camera. Besides the blooming mom, one of the other highlights of this shoot has got to be the picturesque venue of Camp Netanya with its sweeping views! Excited […]

The Look


Beau’s Enchanted Forest Party

There’s no need to go out in the woods to have a fun forest party! Beau’s birthday party proved just that! I love how the venue was heavily decorated with forest animals, grass, trees, and more. Stepping into the party, it’s as if you’ve stepped into a really cute magical forest–one you wouldn’t want to […]

Bedtime Bliss

If you’ve been wishing upon a star for something enchanting this morning, you’re in great luck! With our bedtime darling, Aria, giving her magical wand a good wave, we’ve been whooshed right into a treasury of fairy tales! This stellar party is sooo surreal thanks to Party Deco‘s pixie dust! *Gasp!* Be prepared to enter […]

Butterfly Fantasy

Wave your wands, everybody–something truly magical is coming your way! This pink and purple wonderland of a party is way too cute! I will admit, the stunning styling makes me wish I was invited, even just to bask in all the dangling butterflies and gems. And with the top-notch putting-it-together skills of Party Magic, you can guarantee […]