Have Some Refreshing Lemonade at Tatiana’s Lemon Themed Birthday Bash!

Did you ever think of putting up your own lemonade stand when you were a kid? Today’s feature shows how Tatiana made this sweet little dream a grand reality. The adorable birthday girl sure served a lot of fun and lemons at her very own lemon themed first birthday party! You’ll love how this party […]

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Anya’s Festive and Colorful Citrus Themed Party

Happy Friday, folks! I couldn’t be more happy this morning because I love, love, love everything about today’s party! If you want to have a great day ahead of you too, you might want to check out these photos from Oh Hello Studios! And also, grab a pen and paper to take notes for some […]

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Citrus Feast

Good morning, loves! Orange you glad it’s a Friday? Being awake this early is such a delight, especially when we’ve got Enzo’s orange celebration to wake up to! Erika Marie Events and Passion Cooks did a great job in styling this vibrant bash, and we’re so thrilled! Thanks to Happy Folks Studio for capturing these charming snaps. Now, we’re ready to go outdoors, and […]

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Sunshine and Sweet Things — A Strawberry Shortcake Party

Brace yourself for the sweetest thing you’ll see today! This party photographed by Delicious Food Photography is full of adorable strawberry details and delightful desserts! It makes us want to bask in the sunlight and have a picnic! Scroll through this pink and red affair that will surely get you craving for some ruby red berries! What we’re digging: […]