The Kite-Flying Camper

Good morning, campers! Being up this bright and early is the easiest thing in the world when we’ve got Roberto’s adorable camp to wake up to! Delightful Little Darlings by Den Llanos Dee Photography gives us a glimpse into Kaye Garcia‘s dream camping trip. And we promise you, it’s one you won’t regret taking! What we’re digging: I […]

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Preppy Playtime

Welcome to Pio’s preppy playtime! Adorned with sky blue and white, kites, and some pretty delectable desserts, this party sure is a refreshing sight! There’s just something about the color blue that is so cooling and soothing, don’t you agree? So let’s wait no further, join us for a last hurrah of summer in this […]

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Whirling in the Wind

The grass is green, the sun is up, and the wind is blowing. Kiel could not have picked a better day for his kite-themed party! This party is all sorts of creative and exciting because the kids are not only ones enjoying, but the adults too! Wouldn’t that be a good way to have an […]

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A Dapper Dude’s Day

I think it’s appropriate to start with something very close to home. Although we already have a list of too-cute-for-words features lined up, I decided to open with a post that was the reason why all this talk of a baby blog began. July of last year, my little boy Matti celebrated his first birthday. […]

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