Rush of Rainbows

Welcome to the wonderful and colorful world of Maya, where rainbows, ponies, and all things dreamy come to life! The Party Project made all our eight year-old dreams come true by styling Maya’s party to dainty perfection! Rainbows… My Little Ponies… Oh, my heart is just fluttering with joy! So what are you waiting for? Check […]

My Little Party

This might be the cutest thing you’ll see today! This My Little Pony birthday party has the word adorable written all over it, and in the next few seconds you’ll see why! Style City teamed up with Party Starters to make the most colorful celebration for Naomi’s fifth birthday, and you will surely smile from […]

Lovely Little Pony

Looks like we’ve found what’s at the end of the rainbow! Yup, we definitely found the pot of gold in today’s birthday bash! Jeorgia’s special day was filled with vibrant colors and so much fascination! This fun-filled celebration is both for the kids and the kids-at-heart with these unicorns, rainbows, and candy colors! This whimsical wonderland was […]

The Look