Mellow Maternity

Happy Friday, everyone! Prepare to see lots of love in today’s maternity shoot! Soon-to-be parents Apple and RA are definitely excited to see their little bundle of joy, Lucas. Photographer Nicolai Melicor did a splendid job in capturing these photos! View the snaps below, and feel inspired! Photographer: Nicolai Melicor / Venue: Acacia Hotel Manila Tagged: Acacia Hotel Manila / family […]

The Look


Forever Friends Fête

What could be cuter than a fluffy teddy bear? A teddy bear in a hot air balloon, of course! Needless to say, Zoe’s hot air balloon party was every bit as cute as you could possibly imagine. Thankfully, Party Deco was present to provide us with all the visuals, and boy, were they captivating. What […]

Lovely Teddy

Well, tickle us silly! Arkin just had the most adorable and colorful teddy party tastefully decorated by The Party Project Manila. Nothing like going back to basics with lovely hues of blue for this little man’s big day, coupled with other vibrant colors. The lovely Happy Folks Studio did a wonderful job capturing the fun, […]

The Kite-Flying Camper

Good morning, campers! Being up this bright and early is the easiest thing in the world when we’ve got Roberto’s adorable camp to wake up to! Delightful Little Darlings by Den Llanos Dee Photography gives us a glimpse into Kaye Garcia‘s dream camping trip. And we promise you, it’s one you won’t regret taking! What we’re digging: I […]

The Look