Check Out Theo’s Little Lamb Themed Baptismal Reception

Here’s a good dose of cuteness from Theo’s Little Lamb-themed baptismal reception. Check out how the long table was decorated with lamb-themed details like party hats, place mats, utensils, and even the drinking glasses. Placing balloons, streamers, more lamb images, and Theo’s name on the window was also a clever way to set up a […]

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Yanna’s Sweet Pinktastic Birthday!

Stressed is desserts spelled backwards and Yanna’s got sweet written all over her birthday party! With playful pinks and delicious desserts, Yanna surely has got a sweet tooth. We’ve got macarons, cookies, gummies, brownies, and even the Eiffel Tower! There’s a lot to munch on with Harry Lim Photography! Tagged: dessert birthday / Harry Lim […]

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