Annika’s Whimsical Under the Sea Themed Birthday Party!

Some little girls really love dressing up either as princesses, fairies, or mermaids, don’t they? Adorable Annika’s party reminds us of those days we used to pretend that we were swimming under the ocean with a school of fish as friends! So, get ready to dive into this whimsical under the sea themed birthday party […]

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Feel at Home with Baby Kit’s Warm and Intimate Aqiqah!

Today, for the first time, we’re featuring an Aqiqah, which is a Muslim celebration that gives thanks for the blessing of a new family member. And Kit’s Aqiqah will surely make you feel so light and warm! The decors were kept simple and intimate, while still giving off modern and classy feel–perfect for the welcoming […]

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Andrei’s Classic Filipino Fiesta!

The day has come that Andrei celebrates his classic Filipino fiesta birthday party and everyone is stocked! From sari-sari stores, kakanin, pabitin, and tinikling, Andrei’s truly captured the essence of fiesta spirit! Who wouldn’t love to celebrate our very own Filipino fiesta? We’re doing it the traditional way and we’re giving ourselves a classic birthday […]

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#ArnavsWorld Party Is Out of This World!

Last January 26, Arnav’s #ArnavsWorld party stunned everyone as he celebrated the grandest 5th birthday. From a six foot elephant float and a Cirque du Soleil, to a giant cake inside a bat mobile and 19 TimeZone machines, both adults and kids were sure to have an extraordinary day! Let’s go out of this world […]